DESTINATION LAPLAND PIKE
Now You can discover the best pike fishing in North Sweden. We combine the best pike fishing, with the standard of accomodation that You prefer, from top class to budget. All our products are within walking distance, to at least one fishing water. Even if we are specialised within pike fishing, we are glad to assist with fishing for other species, like trout, salmon and grayling.


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Gäddträsk (700 km N - Arlanda airport)
This old village grocery shop (built in 1935) has been transformed to a 300 m2 fishing lodge with 7 bedrooms. The village Gäddträsk (appr. 50 habitants) is named after the lake, situated in the middle of the village (the name means "pike lake" in english). 

The lodge, that overviews the lake, will host only one group at the time (never mixed groups). The group have full access to 4 different waters within 15 km from the lodge.In Gäddträsk You are surrounded with nature, water, silence.....and endless possibilities for pike fishing.



Hällesjö (500 km N - Arlanda airport)
Welcome to Hällesjö, the fantastic fishing area in the county of Jämtland. You can choose to fisk in the lake Hällesjön, for pike and persch, or if You would like to try the surrounding lakes with trout and char. What ever You choose, You will probably agree with me that Hällesjö is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and with all the fishing You can wish for. Choose between Klockars (white house) and Karlsnäset (red house). Both of them with a view over the lake Hällesjö.


Lesjön (560 km N - Arlanda airport)
This camp was built in 2012 and opens in 2013. It´s situated appr 20 km from the cabin Bodumsstugan in Rossön. You can choose to stay at the Red Cabin (6 beds) or the Grey Cabin (4 beds). The cabins are fully equipped with kitchen, TV, WC, shower and an indoor sauna. Both cabins are situated very quitely, next to the lake Lesjön. You are totally alone here as its only those two houses on this bank of the lake. Lake Lesjön has a huge number of big pike and perch, and a population of big brown trout. Not even 10 km from the camp is the river Rörströmsälven with high quality fishing for grayling and brown trout.



Rossön (550 km N -Arlanda airport) is situated next to the lake Bodumsjön, in the municipality of Strömsund. The cabin is situated 100 m from the lake Bodumsjön, with endless possibilites for pike fishing. It has six beds, kitchen, WC, shower, TV and an outdoor bathtub. Next to the cabin is the building "Härbret" with nine extra beds (for big groups).

Rossön is the perfect place for a group of fishermen with a tight budget. The house is not top class, but clean and neat. This is probably the best price You can get, for this kind of fishing quality, service and boats.



Ormsjö-Dorotea (620 km N - Arlanda airport)
Ormsjö is a small village, only 350 m from the lake Ormsjö. This place is the only one specialised in pike fishing in the area, so no problem with competitors for the pike. You are alone with the fish. Its very well equipped for the fishing group. You have 5 beds in 3 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and WC/Shower. The fishing takes place in Ormsjö or the closely situated Avaträsk. Both lakes has excellent pike fishing.